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About Meghan: 

Hi! I’m excited to bring The Local Moms Network to Newtown/Danbury and the surrounding towns. I’m a Brookfield native, who moved back to the area in March 2018, settling in Newtown after 12+ years away. As a mom,  I are constantly looking for fun activities to fill our days. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas, let’s get in touch. You can contact me at [email protected].

Want to get to know me more? I answered the questions, we generally ask our “Meet-a-moms” to tackle. Check it out below!

Children (ages and gender):
I have two adorable little red head girls. Isabelle is almost three and Abby was born this past August.

What is your background?
Prior to having my oldest & moving back up to Newtown, I worked for over 12 years in Product & Brand Management within the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry. I had the opportunity to work for several large CT based companies, with the bulk of my experience spent at BIC over in Shelton.

Fun random fact about me – My husband and I not only went to the same college (Siena College), but also graduated from the same MBA program at UCONN. We never dated or were even friends! We got re-introduced down in Stamford by my sister and started dating years later.

Why did you decide to bring The Local Moms Network to your town?
When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2016, I started following our sites down in New Canaan, Darien, Westport and Greenwich. As a pregnant mom and then as a new mom, I had a need for information & tried & true ideas for little ones. When my daughter was about nine months, my husband and I made the decision to move back up Newtown (I am originally from Brookfield) to be closer to both of our families.

After we made the decision to relocate, I spent a lot of time researching towns in the area. What types of classes for kids would we find? What are the choices for preschool & daycare? Where can I connect with other moms? 

I found all this information, but I found it in different places. Wouldn’t it be cool if Newtown/Danbury had a site where families could find all this info in one spot?

Must-try restaurant(s) (with and without kids):
My absolute favorite restaurant in town is Farmhouse. We love going there with (and without Isabelle). For dining with kids, I love the Red Rooster Pub and the Foundry.

Hotel you recommend to friends/family:
There’s this resort in Pennsylvania called Skytop. It’s amazingly family friendly, yet relaxing at the same time. It’s less than 3 hours from our area so if you’re looking for a weekend getaway with kids – it’s perfect. I’ve been going there since I was a kid, and my mom & her siblings have been going their since they were kids.

Go-to drink spot:
Hmm, when I do get a chance to grab a drink out, I love the Foundry & Nouveau Monde Wine Bar in Sandy Hook.

Place you love to get coffee:
We have a ton of coffee shops (Starbucks included) in Newtown. I can’t pick one – I like them all for different reasons. I will say that right now, I’m catching up on emails & working from Panificio Navona

Where to entertain the entire family indoors/outdoors:
Dickinson Park in Newtown & Kids Kingdom in Brookfield are two of our favorite parks in the area. We also love the walking path at Fairfield Hills in Newtown – the 3 mile loop is perfect for walking with a stroller.

For indoor play, my daughter can’t get enough of the imaginative play space at Tot Town over in Brookfield. We also love EverWonder Museum and the C.H. Booth Library in Newtown. Both offer a variety of programs for kids.

Don’t miss events for visitors (and locals!):
Main Street is Newtown holds the only Labor Day parade in the state of Connecticut. Halloween & The Holiday Festival are two more of my favorite annual events.

Our mission is to give moms the gift of time. What are your best time-saving tips/resources as a mom?
Be kind to yourself — I think as moms, we all need to remind ourselves of that. A well rested, and calm mama is definitely in a better position to maximize her time. Lists are life for me- I’m a huge fan of making lists and blocking off what I need to get done whether it be site related, errands or chores around the house. And of course, www.newtownmoms.com is a great way to save time when researching anything kid related!

Photos credits: Laura Barr Photography & Liz Newman Photography. 

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