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I’ve never been one for fads when it comes to my diet. I’ve always subscribed to the 80/20 rule for daily eating and am not a fan of being too strict. However, when one of my very good friends shared this whole idea of drinking celery juice first thing in the morning and pointed out all the benefits, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. You see, I had been complaining to a group of my girlfriends about my skin. I’ve struggled with eczema and dry skin, pretty much my entire life. This winter, my forehead has been incredibly dry & red despite using gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and drinking tons of water.

So two weeks ago, I started drinking celery juice first thing in the morning and followed the advice from the Medical Medium on how best to integrate this into my life. Here’s what I do:


  • I take a bunch of celery, wash it, and chop it up.
  • I then blend it in my blender with about an inch of water at the bottom.
  • After that, I run the pulp through this product, squeezing all of the juice into a measuring cup.
  • I pour myself a nice big 16oz glass of Celery Juice and enjoy it early in the quiet of my kitchen before my husband and daughter are up.
  • Alternatively you can use a juicer. We don’t have one at the moment and I wanted to make this new habit sticks before investing in a juicer.

The potential benefits of celery juice include soothes inflammation in the body, lowers blood pressure & cholesterol, protects liver health, improves regularity, helps manage weight, improves skin, and many other things.

The Medical Medium recommends you drink it first thing in the morning, but also offers solutions if that is not possible. I’m loving the fact the juice delays my coffee in the morning, forcing me to get some extra hydration and antioxidants.

You can read more about Celery Juice here.

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