On Wednesday, Infant Ibuprofen was recalled from several major retailers. Here are the details:

  • The recalled product may contain a higher concentration of ibuprofen


  • The effected product is from NJ-based Tris Pharma and potentially among their private label products sold at Walmart (Equate brand), CVS (CVS Health brand), and Family Dollar (Family Wellness brand)


  • The impacted products bear lot numbers 00717009A, 00717015A, 00717024A from Walmart; 00717024A from CVS; and 00717024A from Family Dollar.


  • The packages are labeled with NDC (National Drug Code) numbers of 49035-125-23 from Walmart, 59779-925-23 from CVS and 55319-250-23 from Family Dollar.

As of January 31st, the recall was expanded. Updated details are here.