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Ever since welcome Abigail into our family, I’ve been thinking about getting her something special and that’s 100% new to her. Because let’s face it, as the second child, (second girl nonetheless), she doesn’t have much of her own stuff. Don’t get me wrong, hand-me downs are great, but I wanted to do something special & different for her. 


Play kits & subscription boxes have been on my radar for a few months. I’ve wanted to try something with the girls, but wasn’t sure which one. Enter LOVEVERY. I believe I was served an ad on either Facebook or Instagram and that’s how I started to learn more about their toys, particularly their play kits. 


We started our subscription with the Senser Play Kit for 5 & 6 month olds and are do to receive the Inspector Play Kit later this month. I’ve found that they toys in the kit have kept Abby really interested in engaged during the past two months. They’re perfect for where she is developmentally and work well to encourage her to practice sitting & even tummy time. Here’s what’s in the kit for months 5 & 6:

Spinning Rainbow (top right) : The purpose of this toy is to practice reaching with both hands at the same time, thus encouraging fine motor skills.


Magic Tissue Box & Tissues (top left): We could play with this for hours. And by we, I mean our whole family. We use them to play peekaboo and the different colors of the tissues are great for baby’s developing eyes.


Montessori Ball (middle left): This ball is easy for Abby to grasp and hold on too. We like rolling it to her while she’s on her stomach. 


Tummy Time Wobbler (middle right): Anything for tummy time in this house! Abby’s not a fan of being on her stomach – this toy makes tummy time slightly more enjoyable for her. And I’m still holding out hope that she’ll change her mind on tummy time.


“Parts of Me” Book (bottom left): This book is a great first introduction to learning the names of different parts of the body. Plus the big & bright pictures of other babies/toddlers is fun for Abby to look at.


Play Socks (on feet): The play socks are probably the cutest part of this kit. They’re meant to help baby discover his or her feet. 


Finally, the kit comes with a Play Guide (bottom right) that gives parents ideas of different ways to play with the toys, as well as the research backing why they’re beneficial. I thought this was super useful because there were play ideas in there I would never think of on my own. For example, one of the ideas was using the Tummy Time Wobbler in a shallow pan full of water for tummy time. This gives the baby a different experience, as well as different movement when trying to grasp on to the wobbler. 


So here’s what I think:

  • The kits can appear more expensive because you are only receiving them every other to every three months during the newborn phase through 24 months. I’ve heard that from other moms I’ve asked about the kits, but when you look at it on a monthly basis, the cost is $36/month. This is pretty competitive with the other monthly kits out there. 


  • The toys are super durable. Hey if they can withstand a 3 year old big sister throwing them across the room, then that’s just great! But in all seriousness, they are amazing quality and can easily be handed down once your child is done with them. 


  • The play guide is top notch. I thought all of the materials in the it were so well put together and so easy to understand for those of us who do not have education/child development backgrounds.


  • I love that it’s a special surprise that comes every two months. It’s something to get excited for and something add more interest to our play space. 


  • The Play Kits are really just a piece of what LOVEVERY offers. They also sell play gyms, a block set, play tunnel, wooden stroller, and pull pup. Their focus does appear to be heavily on babies & toddlers, but the blocks are perfect for 18 months – 5 years. In fact, I love that set because it’s something the girls will be able to play with together shortly. 


Have you tried LOVEVERY? Will you try it? Comment below with your thoughts!

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