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Let me start by stating the obvious – so much has changed for all of us during these past four weeks. We’ve all essentially paused normal routines to take up a life lived at home. Now our place of home & family, has also become school, our workplace, our kids’ dance studio, our gym, and so on. If you’re used to going into an office every day, moving to a home office is a big change.


One of the less obvious things is that all of this time at home can have other affects on us. Recently I had the chance to speak with Dr. Debra Dlug, Chiropractor and owner of Well Adjusted, LLC in Brookfield, about some of the things we may not think about now that we’re spending all this time at home.  Dr. Deb is originally from Long Island and holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from The University of Bridgeport. Dr. Deb, who is expecting her second child over the summer,  lives in New Fairfield with her husband & daughter.

Here are three things to consider courtesy of Dr. Deb:

How We Are Breathing


Breathing is something we don’t think about but we know we need to breath in order to stay alive. How often do you pause and take a moment to take a good breath in? Have you thought about how you are breathing and how it could be affecting your health?  Some examples of improper breathing may include: a shallow breather, using our shoulders to breath, using just our chest to breath, not using our rib cage, and more.


You may not even realize why it’s so important or how it can improve how you feel. Proper breathing can decrease upper body pain, decrease mid back pain, decreased headaches, improve sleep, improve digestion and organ function, help with your core, help with pelvic floor dysfunction and a whole lot more!


So remember to take a few moments throughout the day and take a few deep breaths. Interested in learning more? Dr. Deb will be doing a virtual workshop on the importance of breathing properly and how to start improving how you breath. You can find more information on virtual classes here. 

How Our Posture is Effected with Work from Home/Increased Screen Time


Many of us are currently working from home without an ideal work are: using couches, beds and counter stops as desks. We’re also helping kids with their school work or just increasing screen time or binge watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. We may find ourselves with increase neck pain, mid shoulder pain, shortness of breath, headaches and more. This may occur  due to  poor posture associated with being hunched over, rounded shoulders and forward head posture. Poor posture can affect our health especially with the extra stress we are under.


Check out the video below for some easy stretches to do throughout the day. Most importantly remember to breath!

Yoga: An Option for the Whole Family


Not sure what to do with your kids when a little break is needed? Or maybe you’re interested in some sort of exercise and stretching? Virtual yoga can be a quick break and something you don’t have to schedule.  For kids, I am teaching virtual classes for tots ages 2-4/5 at 10am and ages 5-10 years old at 11am on Tuesday’s through Baby Botanica. You can sign up here on Baby Botanica’s website.


In addition, there are many wonderful apps for adult yoga like Down Dog or for kids like Cosmic Yoga. These apps & online programs allow you to unplug & recenter whenever you may need to during the day.

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