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Enlighten Infrared Sauna Studio & Wellness Boutique is on a mission to promote better health & well-being for all. Customers can select one of 3 private sauna rooms and enjoy up to fifty minutes of infrared light therapy based on your individual wellness goals. This Bethel-based business is run by Newtown mom of 3, Jaclyn Antoinette. I had the chance to speak with Jaclyn about the benefits of infrared therapy, what she has planned for the future, and of course what she loves about living in Newtown & owning a business in Bethel. 

Jaclyn, thanks so much for taking the time to participate in this! Let’s start out by learning a little bit about you before we jump in to talking about Enlighten…

Child(ren) and Age(s)?
I have three children—ages 8, 6 1/2 and 5.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…
I enjoy studying Buddhism and was married by a monk!

Favorite things to do with your family?
We love hikes and really playing any type of game ranging from cards to sports- my children love a good competition!

Favorite spot in our area? Best thing about living in Newtown and running a business in Bethel?
When we first moved here, our favorite spot was Peter Rabbit’s House. This little gem was always so peaceful and calm. The kids got to use their imagination and play and we got to relax, have coffee, and take in the beautiful private views! These days, our favorite spot is the football field 😉

The best thing about living in Newtown and running a business in Bethel is the addition of people! I love being able to share all my favorite Newtown businesses with local people and vice versa. It’s so awesome to cross town businesses, ideas and people!

Best thing about being a mom?
Best thing about being a mom is definitely the constant appreciation reminder. When you become a mom, you appreciate small moments, you are reminded to teach appreciating small moments, and you see life in a totally different way. And who doesn’t love a constant mess! Joking!

Now on to all things related to Enlighten…I know you opened almost exactly two years ago, can you share you reasons for opening and more about your commitment to wellness? What drove you to finally open the Danbury area’s first infrared sauna boutique?
Prior to having children I taught foreign language and coached cheer for many years. When my children got older, I struggled with finding purpose outside parenting and being a stay at home mom. I had changed so much as a person and knew that I didn’t want to necessarily jump back in the teaching world. I had always had a strong commitment to wellness and with an athletic background I figured out I wanted to open a space that was welcoming and calm. A place  that encouraged people to slow down, all while reaping the benefits infrared therapy had to offer. I enjoyed the idea of  having the flexibility for myself and my family, and boom Enlighten was born.

What can someone expect to find at Enlighten? Can you describe what the experience is like?
Enlighten is a very calming and minimalist space. The reason behind being so minimal is there are so many people that can relate to me in the fact that life can get so crazy and chaotic with schedules, constant things to do, and everyday rush. When you enter enlighten, the first feeling you should get is one of those “big deep breath” feels. Simple. You enter your own private room where our saunas cabins are. You are provided robes and towels where you are able to relax, sweat, and recharge your body and mind.

There are tons of benefits to infrared sauna therapy. What are the benefits and how is this different from a traditional sauna?
Infrared saunas are not the same as traditional saunas. For one, they are a much more gentle, dry heat. Traditional saunas blow hot air and in turn, make you hot so you sweat. Infrared penetrates your skin at the cellular level, which produces a much more detoxifying sweat. There are so many benefits with infrared heat which include

  • Detoxification
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Anti aging
  • Pain relief
  • Wound healing

You were open about six months before COVID-19 hit. Can you share some of the ways you were able to pivot your business during this time? Any new offerings as a result of the pandemic?
Our business model made it easier for people to access infrared therapy during COVID because of our private rooms. We offer our space for private events and gatherings which make it a more intimate and fun experience!


Finally, do you have anything exciting planned to celebrate Enlighten’s 2nd Anniversary? Any fun upcoming fall or winter events?
Enlighten just celebrated its two year anniversary!  Our memberships are 15% off for the month of September!

Enlighten Infrared Sauna Studio is located at 268 Greenwood Avenue Please visit their website for hours, special events, and session details. I want to thank Jaclyn for participating in this special Meet-a-Mom series sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development and the Office of the Governor. For more stories on how our state’s small businesses are helping us build strong communities, please visit and celebrate Connecticut’s small businesses.

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