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Do you ever wonder how people get in shape, and stay fit?

How do they do it? Don’t these people live in the real world? Don’t they have busy lives like you?

Just how do they, year-after-year, continue with their healthy, active lifestyles, while others manage only a few months of working out before falling off the fitness wagon.

We asked around and found that the secrets to success for people who are physically fit are these:

1. Make exercise a priority

Exercise is essential to be healthy, and people who want to get into shape and stay that way know that a 30-minute sweat session is more important than watching the finale of Succession or pressing the snooze button to catch a few more Zzzz.  Health and fitness minded people adjust their schedules to create time for a workout routine.

2. Make unbreakable workout appointments

If you have a meeting with your boss or a doctor’s visit, you make sure to show up on time.  People with a mindset to be fit and healthy schedule exercise appointments that are unbreakable. They treat them like any other appointment. Exercise is not “optional” for them.

3. Have a workout partner

Fitness focused people make plans to go for a walk, hike, or to the gym with likeminded friends, family, or canine companion.  While some fit people enjoy working out solo, many realize that they will be more likely to exercise if they are accountable to someone else.  Hiring a personal trainer keeps people accountable.  Working out with a partner, or trainer can also make the exercise session more enjoyable and something to look forward to.

4. Get their heart rate up

It may sound obvious, but fitness minded people know how to get their heart rates up.  They still enjoy less intense exercise, such as a stroll by the river, but they break a sweat during a workout.

5. Set an attainable goal, or two

Some people choose to train for a special event or race to keep motivated. Others simply have a goal of exercising four times per week. No matter what your goal, make it small and attainable for optimal motivational success.

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