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Meraki Nails & Beauty: A New Non-Toxic Salon

Meet CarolAnn Ruiz, owner of Meraki Nails and Beauty, a new non-toxic salon located right in the heart of downtown Danbury. Here what CarolAnn has to say about her vision for the salon.

Genius on the Go: Tips to Avoid Email Hackers

We’ve all seen them a million times… email spoofing and phishing. It’s when hackers trick users into thinking an email is coming from a legitimate source (Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, etc.) to capture sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card...

Reset & Rebuild Your Wardrobe in the New Year

If your morning routine is anything like mine (which I'm sure it is), you experience the daily rush of literally having less than 5 minutes to get yourself ready. And to add on to that, I've been finding my need to hold on to too many clothes has been...

Celery Juice: Does It Work or Is It All Hype?

I've never been one for fads when it comes to my diet. I've always subscribed to the 80/20 rule for daily eating and am not a fan of being too strict. However, when one of my very good friends shared this whole idea of drinking celery juice first thing in the morning...

Have You Heard of Made Of?

Over the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity to try a new brand called Made Of. I absolutely love trying new products and I was very interested in this brand because of their organic first positioning. I, like I'm sure many of you, have spent countless hours...

Paper Greats: Pretty Paper Goods That Will Give You Back Time

On the website for their new paper goods company, Paper Greats, CT-based founders Heather Terry and Selina Fletcher write: “Life is short—let us take something off of your plate and put it on ours.” You don’t have to ask us twice—and we’re already huge fans of their recycled, recyclable and compostable (read: eco-friendly) paper trays, cups and notepads.

Have you tried KIDBOX?

October is always a fun month for families. It's time for little ones to enjoy spook-free Halloween parades and costumed play dates. Older kids get into the ghoul, gore and zombie side of the holiday while parents try to make the entire special...

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